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This is your FIRST STEP, and you only have to do it ONCE. You simply give us your info, your contact info, and info on the educational institution in which you are affiliated. NONE of your personal information will be shared with ANY institution. We will only be sharing basic statistics with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and regional Departments of Education to illustrate how WILD-LAB is being used by educators.

You'll create your own LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD to access your WILD-LAB EDUCATOR'S CONTROL PANEL. PLEASE MAKE SURE to use a Login Name and Password that you will remember. If you ever forget it, you can contact us through the SUPPORT link at the top right (This will be explained more later.)

Once you've submitted your REGISTRATION information, you'll be LOGGED IN to your EDUCATOR'S CONTROL PANEL and ready to move on to the next step…

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