Lousisiana Wetlands Curriculum for 5th - 7th Grades developed by Audubon Nature Institute
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Curriculum Development

Wetland Content Contributors

Ron Forman
Director of Development
Laurie Conkerton
Project Director
Denny Juge
Curriculum Director
Tricia LeBlanc
IMLS Liason/Financial Manager
Michele McGovern
Educator Liason
Bonnie Bass
Curriculum Developed by
Bonnie Bass
Dina Benton
Libby Brighton
Tricia LeBlanc
Amy LeGaux
Carol Hester
Laura Hodgson
Ann Rabin
Design and Development
Denny Juge
Lead Programmer
David Martin
David Cash
Research Library Development
Laura Hodgson
David Bull
Laura Hodgson
Al Arnold
Preston Frick
Libby Brighton
Voice Over
Denny Juge
Final Interactives Game Design
Chapter 1
William Warby
Chapter 2
Spiderscope New Media
Chapter 3
Yuliy Schwartzburg

Content from "WOW! The Wonders of the Wetlands" is used with permission from Environmental Concern Inc. For further information contact Environmental Concern Inc. at 410-745-9620 or visit www.wetland.org.

Dr. John W. Kimball

U.S. Geological Survey Marine and Coastal Geology Program

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



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